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UX and IA Design

We value your work! That's why our solutions include:

  • Bottom-up and Top-down Information Architecture Services
  • Digital & Physical User-Centered and Context-Based Experience Design
  • Custom Information retrieval system design; with consulting and formation for an adeguate data labeling (SEO-oriented and granularity-coherent)
  • Wireframing & User Flows Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Content Strategy

Our sites are optimized to meet the current criteria of usability and accessibility. We design our products using:

  • Knowledge Organization & Knowledge Optimization Strategies
  • Up to date UX / Interface Design Standards
Web Engineering Services

According to the needs of customers we provide our services starting from the analysis phase and design to the production release and the following maintenance. We cooperate with several web agencies providing the necessary support to enforce internal and third party projects. Our services cover all phases of the web project development:

  • Setup of hosting environments on web hosting services, physical servers or cloud.
  • Development of customized or CMS based sites and web applications.
  • Integration of open source and proprietary solution.
  • Tuning of hosting environments, web sites and applications to increase performance and reliability.

Our websites and web applications are always optimized for simultaneous use of several devices and they are based on HTML5, CSS3 and dynamic programming languages (PHP, JAVA).


The high skills and expertise of our teaching staff, together with the most innovative solutions for online learning, allow us to provide a large set of services which encompass from providing full courses to on-demand use of our learning and conferencing platform.
Contact us for:

  • Create your own course autonomously or with the support of our staff.
  • Attend an existing course.
  • Request a custom course.

About Bembughi

Bembughi is a network of highly qualified professional freelancers from various fields of I.C.T. Our offer is the result of a synergy which, from consulting, extends all the way to training. Using state-of-the-art technology platforms and the ability to achieve the integration of open source products which are stable and reliable, allows us to offer our clients solutions to satisfy even the most specific needs while keeping the costs of creation and subsequent maintenance of projects among the lowest in the market.
Our projects are carried out by experts of specific stages in order to get valid products and services from all points of view. Assistance to our customers, both during the start-up phases and in subsequent operations by managing our products, is made by the same professionals who have created or edited product aspects of project for which assistance is sought.
Thanks to this operational policy we are able to provide support to our customers in a very short time, effectively eliminating delays and service downtime due to misunderstandings or communication gaps between clients and the technical service.

Our Team

Our keywords? Efficiency through order; Flexibility through strategy; Continuous Improvement of our work's quality through focusing.

Luigi Ercoli

Electronic Engineer, Developer

David Berti

Lead UX/UI Designer, IA Specialist, Speaker, Author, Continuous Improvement & Facilitation Lead

Giuseppe Maugeri

Developer, Windows and Linux System Administrator, IT Consultant

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